Gov Obado Reveals How Wife Busted Him With Sharon

Gov Obado Reveals How Wife Busted Him With Sharon

Migori Governor Okoth Obado has revealed how his wife busted him and the slain Rongo University student Sharon Otieno.

According to the Governor, his wife first caught the whirlwind of their romantic relationship during the Devolution Conference at Kakamega in April.

Quoting statements recorded by Obado with police, The Standard indicates that although county bosses were booked at Acacia Hotel, Sharon travelled to Kisumu and checked in at Imperial hotel, in his name.

The Imperial hotel manager then called him saying ‘welcome your Excellency to our hotel’ but he could not understand what he was talking about as he had already checked into the other hotel.

The manager then informed him that Sharon had checked in to ‘your usual room’.

Sharon called the governor asking him to go to the Imperial Hotel later that evening.

Before he could make up his mind, he received a call from his wife Helen who inquired about his whereabouts.

Hellen asked her husband whether he sure that he was at Acacia hotel but when he insisted that he was she demanded to know who Sharon Otieno was.

Confused, the Governor struggled to explain to his wife that there was no mischief involved and even asked her to come to Acacia.

The Migori first lady then warned Obado against going to Imperial saying if he dared, she would get the entire episode on camera as she had a team monitoring him.

At this point, Obado called Sharon informing that she could not make it for the night as his wife was in the lake city.

An infuriated Sharon told Obado not to use the wife as an excuse as she knew the whereabouts of the Hellen.

“Every time I want to see you I first monitor madam’s movements”, Obado quotes Sharon.

When the Governor cut communication with Sharon including blocking her calls, she began sending texts to the governor’s close aides and family members.

In the statement, Obado allegedly told the police that Sharon once sent a picture of her baby bump to his eldest son.

When his son enquired what the picture was for, Sharon told him: “I am carrying your brother, send it to your mother”.


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