Gideon Moi Super Reception In Nyanza And Why Uhuru Changed Aide Decamp And Much More

Gideon Moi Super Reception In Nyanza And Why Uhuru Changed Aide  Decamp And Much More

By Sospeter O

Uhuru is revamping his image by replacing his aide de camp with a guy dressed in Navy Whites… Navy uniform tends to be very neat all over the world. Plus this one Lekolool isn’t his tribesman.

    Which gives him a national image that he so much needs as he cements his legacy. Smart moves that are key in rebranding. The color change is a very powerful way to rebrand and create a fresh image. Great advice there.

    I was also excited that Gideon Moi was cheered on in Kisumu as the public demanded he addresses them. Things are going according to plan, thus far. Gideon was also the senior most Rift Valley politician invited to the Obama launch of the Sauti Kuu Foundation. That speaks volumes. Ruto, on the other hand, squeezed his way to the work of a state House comptroller to walk Obama to Uhuru’s office. Ruto has also hijacked the work of CSs & the Govt spokesman to announce ministerial programs. Last time I checked, the work of a leader is to set a vision, motivate his followers, guide his team & build morale. Ruto is a failed DP who’s doing none of that.

    By usurping their work, Ruto is killing the work of his subordinates and is spending more time doing secretarial duties instead of delegating while he focuses on providing vision. Very pedestrian. It sends a message of idleness. Jealousy. Insecurity. Psychological instability?. Obama acknowledged 2 centers of power; Capital Hill & State House. That on top of everyone less is a layer of power, and then there is the lower cadre, which includes Ruto, Kalonzo, Weta, Gideon, Mudavadi. The interesting thing is that the upper echelon is in a “parental” collusion, while the mid-management is in a sibling infighting. That’s very important as we go forward.

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