From Poisonous Sugar to Sewage Sukuma Wiki, Food Scare in Kenya a Real Issue


The contraband sugar scandal has exposed the biggest food scare in Kenya.

But it has also brought fore other risks which includes the most consumed greens in most middle and lower class households in Kenya especially Nairobi, Sukuma wiki

Urban farmers have found more liberal ways of raising this crops.

Because water does not come cheap in urban settings,they have resorted to raw sewage — after all, isn’t the damn thing practically flooding every road and estate while water taps are ever dry!

Aside from the water aspect, the farmers have figured that human waste is the best , cheap and readily available organic fertilizer there is. It turns their vegetable crop into rich-dark, succulent agricultural wonders.

Such innovative urban farmers are to be found in Nairobi’s Njiru area, near the Nairobi Water and Sewerage Company’s sewerage collection point.

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