Five Reasons Why DP Ruto Is Angry With Raila And Uhuru

REVEALED: Five Reasons Why DP Ruto Is Angry With Raila And Uhuru

DP Ruto’s paranoia has hit the skies and he is now a very angry with both his boss President Uhuru and Raila Odinga, the people’s president.

Here are the five key points why DP Ruto is angry to a point of calling Raila a conman;

1. It has become clear that Raila Odinga will be on the ballot come 2022 with six regions (former provinces) while DP Ruto is left holding onto his Kalenjin block. Ruto has found it difficult to penetrate Kisii, Western, Cost, Central and Ukambani. DP Ruto had hoped that PM Odinga was to retire BUT the ever looking young Jakom is still in the race. The Kalenjins are also revolting after the Maize scandal that saw elites from the area loot funds meant for farmers

2. Raila Is slowly becoming a darling of Kenyans including Mt Kenya where majority of voters now regret voting Jubilee in 2017 general election. Most Kenyans now agree that Raila is by far better than Uhuru and Ruto. Using his building the bridges initiative the former PM has slowly gained a confidence of Mt Kenya communities that previously were scared of him. DP Ruto had hoped that Raila will continue with his old anti-Mt Kenya mafia to capitalize on it

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DP Ruto is unhappy that Hon Junet Mohamed exposed the secret that it was him (Ruto) who was sponsoring MPs to cause chaos in parliament during the special sitting to discuss 8% VAT. As much as most Kenyans against passing of the bill Ruto didn’t want his secret revealed for he doesn’t want Mt Kenya region to know that he has been undermining President Uhuru from within as Raila’s ODM/NASA came to his rescue.

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Recent appointments to State parastatals in which Uhuru and Raila allies picked a lion’s share. DP Ruto is angry that some of his allies he had promised appointments were left out, among those he had promised are former MPs that he thinks are critical in his 2022 presidential bid. By Uhuru appointing Raila allies like Norman Magaya to parastatals it puts Ruto in an awkward position.

Statehouse operatives have earmarked a Raila ally as the next Inspector General of Police to replace Boinnet. The move has angered DP Ruto who interrupts the move as an indication that Uhuru is slowly handing over instruments of power to Raila. The police have played a key role in Kenya presidential elections since 2007 when Kibaki used administration police to cause chaos in opposition strongholds. In 2013 and 2017 there were rumuors that some militia had been included in the police operations at Opposition zones. Now, DP Ruto wanted that his ally should be the one to take over in order to oversee 2022 law and


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