Five Questions DP Ruto Cannot Answer Luo Voters As He Tours Migori And Homabay Counties


Legitimate questions brokers taking Ruto to Nyanza must grapple with;

— Has he appointed any single Luo in his circles, in any major position since 2013 as compared to what Raila did to his Kalenjin backyard when he was PM?.

— His Cabinet Secretaries, all his permanent secretaries, all his board members and Chairpersons appointees, directors in major sectors are all Kalenjins, none is a luo. Does it mean Ruto doesn’t know any luo in his life?.
In fact Luos were either removed or demoted from ministries associated with Ruto’s lieutenants.

— Moi appointed luos in senior govt positions, Uhuru demonstrated the same, but Ruto hates Luos with passion; probably because luos don’t entertain mediocrity, pretenses, and corruption..

— Nyanza Ruto brokers should identify which govt hospital / clinic in Nyanza wamama wanajifungua bure or may be anywhere in the republic as Ruto announces everywhere.

— Creating imaginary projects, launching hewa or already existing facilities, roads already operational several years ago is the highest level of pretence and manipulation…


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