FINAL Word Over Migori Senatorial Race, ODM Happy To Have Retained The Seat

FINAL Word Over Migori Senatorial Race, ODM Happy To Have Retained The Seat

By Phil Etale

During the just concluded Senatorial by-election in Migori, ODM won to retain the seat which fell vacant following the death of Sen. Ben Okelo Oluoch in April this year. The campaign was just like every other campaign and the party was obligated to stage a vigorous campaign as it has done in every other campaign where there is a by-election.

A by-election is not like a general election where it is everyone for him/herself but a concerted effort by everyone who has time to go and campaign for their favourite candidate. In this case, ODM had Ochilo Ayacko and he was everyone’s cup of tea at the party. Whether he was running against a toddler, an adult, a 13-year-old, a 27-year-old or a bambino or a papoose, or a preemie, the party had to campaign for its candidate.

FYI, H.E. Raila Odinga has always campaigned for the party candidates in all the by-elections and Migori would not have been an exception. Every party makes it a point to campaign for their candidate in a by-election, sample these:

1. I vividly remember not so long ago when the DP William Ruto campaigned in Baringo South for the Jubilee candidate Hon. Kamuren. That was not an issue.

2. Former VP H.E. Kalonzo Musyoka campaigned for the widow of the late Hon. Francis Nyenze, Ms. Edith, and won, that was not an issue though and many many more.

3. During the famous 1994 defections in Western Kenya, former President Moi pitched the tent in Kakamega to campaign for his KANU candidates and they won. That was not an issue.

Raila Odinga like any other party leader is obligated to campaign for the party candidate.

The people of Migori voted for Hon. Ochilo Ayacko. He is going to be their Senator for the next four years. In spite of the online insults and all manner of adjectives used on Raila Odinga and any other person who campaigned or agitated for the Senator-elect, we are happy that the seat was retained by the ODM party. I want to thank Charles Mark Dienya Adede, Lee Makwiny, Phelix G-cord Dikembe, David Ochola, Joab Onyi Wuo’opado Eric Njalalee Wafula Buke Victor Marende Nick Ndeda et’al for believing in the cause. Lets keep the fire burning.

Phil Etale is the ODM Party Communications Chief and a Railaist per excellence.


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