Fake Doctor Mugo Wairimu’s Powerful Statehouse Contact Forced NTV To Pull Down Video from Youtube


By D S
If ever there was an illustration of a failed system of governance and of law and order; of desperation; of impunity and of someone – with “power “– who does not care about the well-being of fellow humans, it is this most recent case of “Dr” Mugo Wa Wairimu.

On so many levels, what’s in the fifty-minute video (now pulled from YouTube) is so wrong that the fact Wairimu has/was not been arrested and at a minimum, taken in for mental evaluation, tells me all I need to know about several aspects of life in Kenya:

– It’s not what you do. It’s who you are and most importantly, who you know.

– Kenyans, humans, in desperate/dire straits will do anything that promises to improve their lot,

– There is patent criminality and heartlessness in the misuse/misappropriation of monies that should have been used improving the country’s healthcare system so that the likes of Mugo don’t have ready/willing preys,

– Impunity reigns supreme – so does incompetence and indifference.

– As a people, our desperation or ignorance or indifference or combination thereof drive us to make decisions that only those in our shoes or in our circumstances will countenance – and our “leaders” know that.

This is not the first time Mugo has been caught up in such misdeeds. Last time was in 2015. The man was charged with pretty much the same crimes as this time around:

“Sexually assaulting a sedated patient while posing as a medical doctor; illegally administering unknown drugs, operating as a pharmacist without a license and hiring an unlicensed laboratory technician.” And as appears to be happening this time around, law enforcement claimed that “witnesses shied away from coming forward to testify against the man”.

Now where have we heard/seen this before: Failed or stymied prosecution of suspects due to witness fear (ergo intimidation and/or bribery)?

How does the Ministry of Health allow this man to get away with obvious violation of nearly all rules and regulations related to operating a clinic?

Food for human consumption in the same fridge as opened drugs? On the same shelf no less? That is as basic a regulation as it gets – spatial segregation of items that may be subject to cross-contamination!

I recently walked into a pharmacy to pick up a prescription.
In front of me; and other customers were four different certifications including one from UC Davis School of Pharmacology and Toxicology for a lady who was the head pharmacist. I also saw credentials for two “Pharmacy Technicians” and “Intern” – this last one for a high school student who was interning at the pharmacy.

And a while back, Bae conducted a “Sharps’ Management” gap analysis for a client – a local biotech company. I saw the report and under “SCOPE” was the standards/regulations to which the analysis was conducted:

California Code of Regulations (CCR), Title 8, General Industry Safety Orders. While the scope of the gap analysis was specific, the final report added a few “Observations” – also based on specific rules/regulations namely “Equipment: Calibration and Preventive Maintenance”.

This latter item caught my eye because of the equipment in the clinic: Fridge, X-Ray and Microscope

I mention the foregoing NOT because such activities are unique to the US. I mention them because there are specific regulations that govern health clinics and the conduct of their employees.

The fact is this:

There are other avenues available for law enforcement to use, to stop this man from endangering the public – whether victims come forward or not.

The difference between the two societies – US and Kenya – is in the respective authority’ will to find ways, within the existing legal framework, to act – in the interest of public safety.

I am confident that if the Jubilee Government (and their latest incarnation of “Chilobabe” – DPP Noordin Haji) wanted to take legal actions against Mugo, they would have done so – two years ago. That this iteration of the “war against corruption and impunity” hasn’t singed this repeat offender should clue Kenyans on how serious and unbiased it is.

It is neither serious nor impartial.

“Dr” Wairimu’s credentials should be easily verifiable and thus far, that has not happened – at least as far as I know. At a minimum, University of Nairobi School of Medicine should be able to issue a blanket statement regarding (the) matriculation and graduation of Mugo Wairimu, from the institution.

Similarly, the various institutions from which “Victor”, “Otieno” and the other medical “professionals” working in the man’s “clinic” graduated or received their training should be able to credentialize said individuals with 24-48 hours of a request being made.

Finally, if the foregoing avenues all fail to confirm the qualifications, accreditation and licensing of the “clinic” and its employees, then either CS Sicily Kariuki’s Ministry of Health or the Kenya Medical Practitioners and Dentist Board should have a listing of who is qualified and licensed to work as medical professionals – kinda like the Law Society of Kenya has a listing of all “lawyers” qualified and licensed to practice law in the country.

And while I understand the desperation of some people, let me pose a question;

“Who goes to Wairimu for consultation” – given the man’s reputation?

The sad and unfortunate thing is that I was (already) formulating a response to said question even as I was typing it – a very pertinent and apt one – I should add:

The same people who characterize as “god-chosen” – then elect as their leaders – crimes-against-humanity suspects – are the same ones willing to risk life and limb relying on the perceived altruism and selflessness of such a man – a known miscreant!

As repeatedly illustrated, the likes of Mugo Wairimu operate in environments that nurture then protect the toxic mix of class and ethnicity that create the Stockholm Syndrome-like behavior of their victims.


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