Ex Commissioner Exposes Flawed Land Report Handed to Uhuru

Ex Commissioner Exposes Flawed Land Report Handed to Uhuru

President Uhuru Kenyatta did not receive ‘official and legal’ version of the Truth, Justice and Reconciliation Commission (TJRC) report, ex-commissioner Ron Slye claimed.

In his book In The Kenyan TJRC: An Outsiders View from the Inside, a Cambridge University Press publication Prof Slye claimed that their opinions were not included in the final report.

“I had still not received a clear answer to the question of whether our dissent would be included as part of the bound version of the final report,” Pro Sly stated.

He narrated how he received an email from the CEO on the ‘Handing Over Report at State House’ with an attached letter from Francis Kimemia to Chairman Ambassador Bethuel Kiplagat marked urgent and confidential.

Professor Ron Slye who was a TJRC Commissioner

The letter was alleged to have been informing Kiplagat that the commissioners should be prepared to be at the President’s office at 4.30 the next afternoon to hand over the final report. 

“It was not clear why we were only now being informed of this development. Upon receiving this email, I immediately tried to ascertain what version of the final report was to be handed over — the version with or without our dissent. I called our CEO and asked him which version of the report was being handed over,” Prof Slye wrote.

“He replied that he did not know but that he would find out and call me back. After not hearing from him for over half an hour, I called again, only to be told that the version being handed over did not include our dissent,” he added.

When informed of the changes Professor Slye and Lady Justice Gertrude Chawatama asked for their signatures be removed from the report that included the land chapter.

The Professor further stated: “I later learned that some staff had been informed about the handover earlier that day but had been expressly ordered by other commissioners not to inform me. Even Commissioner Shava conceded that she had been informed sometime in the “late morning” about the possibility of a handover that afternoon.”

Professor Ron Slye who was a TJRC Commissioner

He added: “I did not attend the handover, primarily because the version of the report being handed over was not, in my view, the official and legal version of the report without our dissent.”


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