DPP Noordin Haji Springs into Action Over Sharon Otieno’s Murder

DPP Noordin Haji Springs into Action Over Sharon Otieno's Murder

Director of Public Prosecution (DPP) Noordin Haji on Sunday promised stern action over the murder of Rongo University student Sharon Otieno.

Speaking at Haki Africa offices in Mombasa, the DPP iterated that everyone behind Sharon’s murder will be brought to book regardless of their status in the society or political influence.

“One thing that I want to assure Kenyans is that we have no sacred officials that will be left. Whether you are the Governor or not you have to face the law to the fullest extent,” Haji warned.

The late Sharon Otieno, a student at Rongo University

Put to task why Migori Governor Okoth Obado was still free despite being highly linked to the murder, Haji stated: “As I said, the investigations are ongoing. At the right time, when we feel that the Governor needs to be arrested, that will definitely be done.”

Responding to questions from the members of the press on Sharon’s murder, the DPP urged Kenyans to be patient as the officials combed into the evidence.

“I want to caution Kenyans that investigations sometimes take time. You cannot expect us to have answers and to prosecute immediately a murder occurs.

“There is DNA to be looked into and there are also several theories (on Sharon’s murder) that have been put forward which need to be pursued to conclusion.

The DPP further revealed that there were investigations into the alleged access of a KDF official to Michael Oyamo, Governor Obado’s PA, while he was in police custody.

While noting that there is no limitation on visiting the suspect, the DPP indicated that the only issue with the problem would be if there was any intimidation or if the visit was not properly authorized and recorded.

“What I want us to agree on is; let us not speculate. If we speculate and there is a lot of public pressure to get the matter in a certain way, then that is the same as mob justice and will not allow justice to take its course,” he added.

Sharon Otieno whose lifeless body was found in Kodera Forest

DPP Haji also asked politicians to stop meddling with his work by alleging that he is targeting certain individuals.

“The Constitution is very clear; I take instructions from no one. They should shut up and wait for investigations because that is also undue influence and coercion, I think. So politicians should keep off,” he quipped.


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