DP Ruto Shames Hon Mbadi Badly, Donates 20m to Rehabilitate run down Hospital In Suba


Well, Raila is smart, now some of you will understand why he blessed DP Ruto’s tour of Homabay and Migori counties.
By Michael Okoth
Below is the Tom Mboya Level IV Hospital in John Mbadi’s backyard of Suba. As dilapidated as it is,it probably the most modern health facility in Mbadi’s constituency. DP Ruto has pledged Kshs. 20 million for its facelift. As expected, Mbadi boycotted the function because he says he doesn’t know Ruto’s agenda in his leadership-deprived backyard. Nobody expects him to know of anything development anyway. If it were a funeral, Mbadi and his colleagues would have been in the forefront.

Well, DP Ruto has taken to his social media handles and preaching to all and sundry that the run down Tom Mboya Level IV hospital will be rehabilitated by the government at a cost of 20million.

The Tom Mboya Level IV Hospital in Rusinga Island, Homa Bay County will receive Sh20m to upgrade infrastructure and buy an ambulance. The equipping of hospitals and expansion of facilities is meant to improve access to health services to communities, cut travel cost and huge bills to access medicare. Keeping the population healthy will ensure a productive workforce.

With residents of Rusinga Island after touring the Tom Mboya Level IV Hospital.


The man who has at different times before presided over the senseless butchering of your people is today the saint just for ensuring temporary comfort for your ethnic demigod……

The man who has previously stuck his neck out for you, stood with you, fought for you and even landed himself in trouble over the same is today the devil reincarnate…..

Your governors are the most corrupt and the most inept buffoons anyone can ever come across in on this globe and you never waste a chance to defend their failed regimes,yet you still afford the effrontery to point out at how William Ruto is too corrupt to move close to….

The day the Luo politicians will be forced to confront the ugly fact that the Luo voters never lent them their brains to think for them,and that they’re tired from decades of political lies,and have the capacity to sieve facts from empty,bile-filled propaganda they spread in funerals,it will be very noisy and very messy.The jab will be too painful for them.

DP Ruto is welcome to any part of Luo-Nyanza any day anytime whether our so called political leaders boycott his functions or not,and when the time comes a good number of us will stand with him.


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