DP Ruto Is Free To Try and Undermine Raila, He Will Fail Though, Many Have Tried and Left Before Us Politically

On The Referendum Debate Raila Must Be Very Careful, Kenyans Are Concerned About Cost Of Living

By I Ngare

It is clear that there is a deliberate attempt by William Ruto to use a section of political players from Luo Nyanza to undermine the pole-position that Raila Amollo Odinga occupies in the region politically-speaking. This is not the first time such plots are being hatched against the Odingas. And this is not the first time they will fail.

In the 70s, Odongo Omamo Kaliech fell for the political schemes by the Mt. Kenya mafia to undermine Jaramogi Oginga Odinga. Of course Omamo enjoyed the brief moment of political power and influence.

But when he had outlived his usefulness to the administration, he was discarded like a piece of trash and hang out to dry. The Omamo family has not recovered politically to date.

In the first term of the Rainbow Coalition government, Tuju allowed himself to be used by the GEMA outfit to disorganize Raila in Luoland. Luos could only receive government appointments if Tuju said so.

Today, Tuju is politically dead. He has no political influence whatsoever even within the Jubilee Secretariat he heads. In fact, he is so politically useless that he was given a cabinet appointment without a designated portfolio.

The two should serve as examples to anybody who allows himself to be used by William Ruto to undermine Odinga in Luoland. The truth of the matter is that every single politician in Luo Nyanza, whether they ran on independent tickets or not, owe their political careers to the Rt. Hon. Raila Amollo Odinga.

And history shows us that anyone who dares to undermine the Odingas end in ignominy. Raila’s influence in Luoland and across this country is as strong as ever. He’s not going anywhere in the near future. He is here to stay. And we wil gladly offer our support to anyone who supports him and equally punish anyone who dares to antagonize him.


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