DP Ruto Hints That President Uhuru is Also Corrupt But Hides Behind Father’s Name


Deputy President William Ruto has hinted that he is being targeted with the lifestyle audit because he is a son of a poor man.

Below is an excerpt from the interview with NTV’s Mark Maasai at the DP’s official residence in Karen.

Mark Masai: Do you support a lifestyle audit? How much is William Ruto worth?

William Ruto: Mark, If you can recall, I was among the first people to welcome the President’s directive and said that I would be among the first to submit myself into the process. As for what I am worth, that is a discussion we can have another day. I have seen you’ve (Media) done an audit about me already. I expected you to go ahead and do audits of other leaders but it seems you were only interested in William Ruto.

Mark Masai: Can we have that discussion here?

William Ruto: No. Can you tell me what you are worth? Is it relevant here? You see, you have to wait and when the process starts, I will be happy because the audit will clear the rumors that the media is carrying, including claims that I own this house behind us here (Karen house),

Mark Masai: Are you saying you are poor?

William Ruto: I am not poor.

Mark Masai: Are you wealthy?

William Ruto: I am not poor, you know why are you focused on William Ruto? I am not the richest man out there like those people we all know about. Last Friday, I was in Kakamega and a man spoke in Swahili and he said, “Mtoto wa maskini akipata, ameiba na mtoto wa tayiri akipata ni ya baba yake” and I found it so profound.

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