DP Ruto As Jubilee Co-President Has Nothing For Kenya, Who Will Elect Him? #BureKabisa

DP Ruto As Jubilee Co-President Has Nothing For Kenya, Who Will Elect Him? #BureKabisa

By Anwar Sadat

There was a time Ruto used to castigate opposition for politicking 24/7, 365 days, and 5 years on end. During those days, he would tell us that rather than tour every part of Kenya, we should give Jubilee time to develop the nation.

Today, William Ruto is politicking 24/7, 365 days on end and he intends to do it for 5 years. He will be doing this against a backdrop of increased unemployment among the youths that just hit 58% according to UNDP’s latest numbers, the highest unemployment rate of any Eastern and Central African country.

Kenyans don’t have jobs, our education system is collapsing, our roads are terrible, our medical facilities are dilapidated, but yet those in charge of our government continue to borrow money and then loot it to facilitate the buying of loyalty.

Ruto and his team are empty debes making a lot of noises to distract us from holding Jubilee accountable. We all must ask that Jubilee show us their record. We need to see the jobs, internships, the medical equipment, the better roads, the free secondary and primary education, the lower taxes, the improved security situation, the reduced corruption.

William Ruto has nothing new to offer Kenyans post 2022 that he couldn’t offer in the 10 years he has been a Co-President.

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