DP Ruto ally in Trouble, Auctioneers to Sell Hon Savula’s Land, He Borrowed Money took Two Wives to Dubai, Unable to Repay!


Two days after appearing in court alongside his two wives over the Ksh 122 million scandal at the Government Advertising Agency, Lugari MP Ayub Savula’s woes are far from over.

In an advert placed in a section of the press, Valley Auctioneers put up for auction a parcel of land measuring approximately 22.06 hectares or 54.49 acres in Ilemit, Kajiado county that belongs to the MP.

Going by the land prices in the area, the land could be worth about Ksh 55 million.

In 2011, there was another attempt to auction another parcel of land in Karen, whose title he had used to borrow Ksh 15 million from a local bank to buy a Range Rover. He survived that one.

The auction, which will happen on November 21, is being seen as a sign of a change of fortunes for the formerly high-flying MP, who at one time used to overfly the inconvenience of patrons, including Cabinet ministers and MPs, as his chopper blew up dust on them.

Shortly after being elected to the National Assembly, the MP, known for living large, acquired a brand new custom-made S500 Mercedes Benz at a reported Ksh 22 million.

However, two years ago, there were reports that he was broke after he borrowed Ksh40 million to take his two wives to Dubai for holiday. He, however, denied the reports, claiming his political detractors were the ones circulating them.


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