Do Kenyans Have Brains? What A Shithole Government!

Do Kenyans Have Brains? What A Shithole Government!

Have Kenyans Brains?

By Albert Nyakundi Amenya aka The Banana Peddler

There is a popularly saying that Nemo dat quod non habet meaning: “You cannot give what you do not have. See, on my daily trips here at the streets of Facebook and Twitter, I have said time without number that some of members of the Luo communities are hypocrites. They live fake lives for wanting to appear as if they have already made it in life.

If you are a Luo and take exception or are upset by my statement, it will do you well to pipe down and listen to my reasons before you hurl those oral stones at me. To begin with, I want to make it clear that I respect the Luo community and I bear no grudge whatsoever. Undoubtedly, my mind is imbued with grace and goodwill. My primary business is to make them zip up in their moral financial deficiencies.

Before I proceed, I want to admit that Kenyans have been toughened by hard times. Luos are not an exception. Agreed that members of other communities in Kenya have their achilles’ heels. But my only problem with Luos is one, they only think about today and forget about tomorrow. The most intriguing nuance about them is that, a they can earn a jumbo salary but spend it all in a day entertaining girl’friends. I have always proffered these great Kenyans with some of the relevant old lessons that are helpful especially in their later life but they wouldn’t listen. I have advanced cogent practical steps to Luos can help them eradicate poverty at life after retirement but they wouldn’t heed.

My attention has been arrested by preposterous reports doing rounds on social media that former Rangwe Member of Parliament professor Ouma Muga has been abandoned at the hospital for lack of medical fees.

To begin with, I am reliably informed that professor Ouma was the top student nationwide from St. Mary’s Yala. Prof Ouma was an Assistant Minister for environment, top morphologist and an Ozone layer lead researcher – whatever it means – and the leading speech writer for the then President Moi. In short, he was a man of means. He commanded the stars. He drove big cars. But he is now a pauper, thanks to his stupidity and mismanagement of own life. He is just a fool and I reserve no mercy for him. I am not surprised though just like other Luos (but not all) he enjoyed life as it were at that moment and forgot to save.

Prof Ouma does not deserve to be treated as an object of pity. He is in his current shoes because of his foolishness. Those protesting why no help is forthcoming from government quarters should just shut up. During his prime time, the egghead professor wasted his opportunity. Otherwise he wouldn’t be impounded in that hospital because of money. Why would we burden the government with unnecessary tasks of irresponsible men who misused their finances? This man is careless. He would have taken steps to eradicate poverty and lead a better life. But he refused to cut his coat according to his cloth.

The Luo in him would not allow him to live within his income and therefore led the life of a king. He refused to live in a home he’d afford and went for a borrowed palace. He rejected to drive a Volkswagen that his salary would maintain and went for a Range Rover Sport whose fueling alone cost him a fortune. He travelled when he wanted to, and not when he needed to travel. When he was prominent, he refused to eat and drink smart. He sent his children to expensive schools that his salary would not accommodate.

Fellow Kenyans especially Luos), I know these are annoying times for almost everyone. All levels of government have reached the end of their tether in terms of job creation and pay rise. The tragic irony is that needs are increasing but incomes are dwindling. Nonetheless, whatever small you earn today, spend it wisely and remember tomorrow. You might be celebrated today but end up a laughing stock tomorrow. Ask Dennis Oliech, he’ll answer even if, in affirmation. I am also informed that Congestina was once doing well in life. Whatever went wrong.

In times like these, let everyone with Professor Ouma’s mindset understand – and be more careful. When life or health is lost, everything else is lost. So, if the worst has come to its redline, just calm down and get real. Return to the Supreme Being – through the mosque or the church. Confess your sins and turn a new leaf. The scriptures offer workable solutions to all life’s problems. Save your people the embarrassment when the going gets tough someday. For those who don’t know and I repeat: There is God oo!

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The writer sells bananas in the streets of Kisii Town.

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