Detectives Reveal ID Card Used Points to Premeditated Murder

Detectives Reveal ID Card Used Points to Premeditated Murder

Investigations by detectives have revealed that Monica Kimani’s brutal murder could be a case of premeditated murder.

According to Nation, detectives believed that Dominic Kamau, who is a security guard with Lavington Security and a resident of Kibera, might have been involved in the plotting of the Kilimani businesswoman’s death.

Police reports unveiled that Kamau was on off duty on September 17, two days before Monica’s murder.

Kamau’s ID, was used by a man to sign in at the residence where Monica lived on the night she was killed.

Detectives further revealed that Kamau was invited by a friend as a casual worker at a construction site in Royal Park estate which is the same estate that Jacque Maribe lives in.

At the construction site, the security guard surrendered his ID at the gate to the site guard as required by protocol.

The lavington guard later realised that his ID card was missing when he clocked out and asked the management to inform him once they found it after he left his contacts with them.

On the night of Monica’s death, a Lebanese neighbour had gone to greet her moments after her arrival from Juba.

The neighbor recounted that Monica picked up some clothes that she had ordered dropped at the gate and her house keys before retiring to her apartment A8 on the third floor.

Monica was also visited by two men one being a Lebanese and a Kenyan on the same evening.

Accounts by the two men who had since recorded statements with the police, indicated that they were inside Monica’s apartment when Joseph Kuria Irungu alias Joe Jowie walked in, wearing a white kanzu and a cap.


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