Dear Uhuru, We Asked For REFORMS and Transformation Of Police, NOT Chinese UNIFORMS !

Dear Uhuru, We Asked For REFORMS and Transformation Of Police, NOT Chinese UNIFORMS !

Kenya: The Land Of Miracles; You Ask For REFORMS, They Deliver UNIFORMS

This country has become extremely ridiculous. Without equivocation, the miracles that are happening in this country have never been witnessed elsewhere. Sometimes I look at some Kenyans and ask myself whether they spent nine months in their mother’s womb. This nation is a unique place. In this country, people do things that are beyond human understanding. This is one place where we get all our priorities wrong. For instance, you ask for REFORMS, they deliver UNIFORMS.

Since I was birthed, I have never heard of a man who killed a lion with his bare hands. The only beings that killed a lion with their hands as recorded in the Holy Book are David and Samson. But here in Kenya, it is reported that a cow killed a lion in Ukambani. The sweetness of this story is that even the KWS had for years, unavailingly tried to kill the same lion.

I was about to take exception and rubbish the news but I remembered that a few months ago, a man accidentally swallowed a toothbrush while brushing his teeth. Thank God, the doctors successfully removed from the patient through a procedure called endoscopy. As if that is not enough, there was another miracle. A kidnapped journalist sandwiched in the back of a car between two kidnappers, managed to wrestle them and successfully jumped off a speeding car. Miraculously, he only bruises his knee. His captors try to catch up with him but he puts himself together and successfully flees. Interestingly, his camera and tripod remained undestroyed.

In a country called Kenya, a county government grotesquely pays an internet cognoscente, whose wizardry is limited to social media, Sh2.4m to open a Facebook account. In this same country, a police officer stands in the court of law and tells the judge that a rat in the police station ate two sacks of bhang that was supposed to be exhibit. In Kenya, a county government spends Sh7.8m to buy hospital curtains. Another county government spends Sh7.6m on the construction of a hospital gate. Another county government procured ordinary wheelbarrows at Sh100K.

Kenyans are very hypocritical beings. When it comes to deception, we are the masters. They lie without compunction. We pretentiously pray in Mosques and Churches to eternity but if we don’t change our collective values, the rat race will not end. It’ll remain a trip on a famished road to nowhere.

Our leaders have become extremely wicked. They have excommunicated decorum from their values. They are overtaken by darkness and benighted in the medieval periods. These politicians bizarrely denigrate the dead at funerals and unashamedly disrespect the leaving. Our country is awash with momentous and unrepentant rapists of our commonwealth. These children of corruption steal and forget the burdens of history.

What we lack in this country is honesty and the spirit of sportsmanship. In civilized countries, the spirit of sportsmanship is the watchword in politics. This is a nation where one must worship a political demigod in order to stay relevant. If you disobey a demigod, you’ll wake up in the morning to unsubstantiated allegations against you just because you don’t share his/her political opinions. It is unethical and antithesis to rational mind. It is damning evident that Kenyans seem to be suffering from generic sins.

In this country of miracles, children of corruption are well known for their prowess in fabricating rumours and lies so as to score political gains. Unbeknownst to them, they are ignorantly sentencing themselves and their future generations back to primitive ages. They are non-correctable disfigurement of characters that thwart any effort to see a prosperous Kenya. That is why we keep dying in the face of winnable tyranny.

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(The writer Sells bananas in the streets of Kisii town)


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