Dear Jubilee Supporters, Don’t Blame Raila For Uhuru’s Incompetence, You Voted For Quacks Because Of Tribe

Dear Jubilee Supporters, Don't Blame Raila For Uhuru's Incompetence, You Voted For Quacks Because Of Tribe

By Onyango Ochieng Jnr

If you blame Raila for what’s bedeviling Kenya, you are not only insanely dishonest but your memory is shorter than the third leg of a lizard.

Raila contested last year. You didn’t vote him or buy into his vision. You instead looked the other way because you didn’t love this country to give fresh hands an opportunity to redirect it’s course.

In complaining about Raila supporting the 8% VAT, you are either mad or high on hysteria. Raila is only HELPING YOU to LOVE your choice. Its called the UPMANSHIP strategy, where you give a man a rope long enough to hang himself.

I repeat, you chose Uhuru and his ideas…you even told us how Raila was toxic for this country…you have your Uhuru, stop grating our ears with “Raila this Raila that” , after all SI UCHAWI, NI MAOMBI, tano tene! lol

Unless we become sober at the point of ballot determination, all these noise are a heap of garbage. It is like planting BEANS while hoping to harvest MAIZE. Then you blame Raila lol…same Raila you rejected at the ballot…

Kenyans must be a very interesting lot.

I said in the morning: KWACH PAND KOKI.

Abuga Makori adds:
I am disgusted by Jubilee proponents who now wants H.E Raila Odinga to step in and rescue us from misery.

When he asked you to make change, you chose status quo. Some of you even labelled him an ‘old mad man’. You even openly agitated for his retirement.

Now kindly assume he’s retired or he lost presidency. Talk to your Kamwana and solve your issues with him. As for us, we voted, robbed and did not take part in October 26th coronation exercise. Our journey to Canaan is on course. We shall get there at an appropriate time. You feel me? Yeah ! Thank You.


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