Dear BEN MULWA, SONKO Is Not Your Equal, Take Your Childish Behavior To Kilimani Mums


Dear young man,

Our attention has been drawn to your today’s grandstanding article which you hurled all sorts of body shaming regrettable remarks at Nairobi H.E. Governor Mike Mbuvi Sonko. We were profoundly shocked that you foolishly closed your eyes to decorum and committed intellectual travesty. You childishly elected to glorify intolerance, bigotry and immorality to fester your insensitive sense of judgement. You seem like a man in search of his true identity.

At least you succeeded in exciting your Facebook friends.

We know well that our governor’s unalloyed intention for a better Nairobi was long put to test by his haters like yourself and he has proved you wrong. It is an open secret that you are among the jackals and hyenas that surrounded the governor to pillory the great people of Nairobi and steal their commonwealth. Thank God the governor was too wise for your devilish scheme. He detected you right on time and acted steadfastly. It is fair to say that the governor wouldn’t have succeeded if he continued to surround himself with selfish, cross-carpeters and counter-carpeters like yourself.

You accused our governor of a number of things and we want to tell you that very soon, we shall respond comprehensively. We shall unmask your evil did here in this space because this is where you started this war. It seems you have exhausted the 5million you stole from City Hall.

I have a feeling you have chewed the millions you extorted from that Brazilian MP and resorted to look for ways to extort money from the governor. This time you are wrong my friend. Pambana na hali yako na uwache ‘ubumbafu’.

Boss, why are you blaming bloggers on you self-inflicted injuries? Just a piece of advise you young man, Governor Sonko is not in the same league as you. They say if you can’t beat them, join them but you can’t join Governor Sonko now. Therefore, please wake up to reality, re-mobilize yourself, get your acts together, go out and work hard like other young men and earn a genuine living to sustain your young family.

Boss, I want to tell you that the words which were directed to Jowi by justice Wakiaga suit you the most. Boss, do you sometimes look at the things you do on social media? Displaying photos of yourself everyday like a Slay Queen trying to seek attention of your fellow men? No man does that. Shame on you. You are a disgrace to the Kamba community. If you’re looking for a playmate to wrestle, please try someone else, not governor Sonko. He is a very busy man and has no time to waste on you. The people of Nairobi need him more than your foolishness.

Mr. Ben Mulwa, in this life, the efforts of man to attain self-actualization, a man struggles with worthlessness of life. In that struggle, it should not escape your conscience that life is void, void is life in itself; and life is saturated with nothingness. So my friend, the man-alive with wisdom will understand the futility of life and what it encompasses! Be reminded that beings are daily romanticized and entangled with the nothingness of life but you must fight no matter what.

So, boss, kindly and try and manage your life in peace without dragging the good name of our governor. Never shy away from owning your mistakes in order to correct them. Always epitomize the dignity and respect that a man should command.

Long story short, this time we are lenient but next time we’ll wash your entire dirty linen in public. Please keep off our governor.


Concerned Nairobian.


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