DCI Rejects Jacque Maribe Revised Statements, To Be Charged With Murder Alongside Jowie

UPDATE: DCI Rejects Jacque Maribe Revised Statements, To Be Charged With Murder Alongside Jowie

TV Journalist Jacque Maribe will be charged for murder alongside her ‘killer’ fiance Joseph Irungu aka Jowie DCI has confirmed.

They will be accused of murdering business ‘girl’ and Juba beauty Monica Nyawira Kimani. Ms Maribe is implicated through her conduct and association with the real killer Jowie.

DCI chief George Kinoti told local reporters that evidence gathered by detectives is water tight and links Ms Maribe indirectly to the murder, she was the sole supporting kast in the murder drama.

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Her charges emanate from what Police describe as illegal handling of a firearm after a 9mm live bullet was recovered in her bedroom. The ammo was linked to a gun which belongs to her neighbor, Brian Kasaine, that Jowie allegedly used to shoot himself but later claimed he was shot at by unknown people.

“We know that she helped Irungu cover up the offence by burning the clothes that he wore when he committed the crime.”

“We also have evidence pointing to her involvement in the crime, “ DCI boss said without elaborating on the evidence in his custody.

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Section 222 of the Penal Code provides: “Any person who becomes an accessory after the fact to murder is guilty of a felony and is liable to imprisonment for life.”

The TV reporter and her fiance Jowie both held by police are the prime suspects in the gruesome murder.

Lawyer Katwa Kigen who will be appearing for Ms Maribe was surprised by the move by DCI to charge his client with murder after she recanted her earlier evidence.

“We believe that the Police have got it wrong. But since they have made that decision, we will fight this charges in court,” Katwa Kigen told local reporters

DCI Police are expected to produce the two suspects in court on Tuesday where he will be charged jointly. It is however expected that the charges will be revised as trial progresses and ODPP reviews evidence and rebuttals by defense teams

Yesterday DCI boss Kinoti dismissed claims that Maribe recorded the initial statement under duress because she had been threatened by her boyfriend.

“Days after she helped Irungu destroy the evidence, she did not report the incident until Police arrested her. Why” We believe she was part of the cover up,” DCI boss noted.

He added: “The best she can get in this is a plea bargain and that is if she is willing and ready to tell the truth.”

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It is obvious that Ms Maribe still feels so sympathetic to his fiance and has not sought plea bargain to mitigate a possible life time jail sentence.

Another investigator who spoke of claims of Maribe being under duress told the local reporters that she has never given any reason why she had recanted her initial statement in which she claimed Irungu was shot by thugs.

“It does not seem to make a lot of sense that someone who was under threat of life could wake up, go to work and continue with her life as normal without reporting to any authority,” said the officer on condition of anonymity.


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