Dagoretti South MP Simba Arati Reveals That Owner of Poisonous Sugar is a Member of Parliament


Dagoretti North MP Simba Arati on Friday divulged that the owner of contraband sugar is a Member of Parliament (MP).

Speaking during a fundraising at his constituency, Arati noted: “We know and have evidence showing that the sugar belongs to one of us in Parliament.

“It is unfair for parliamentarians to betray the electorate, who braced the morning cold to vote for them, by selling expired goods to them,” the ODM legislator affirmed.


Lauding the President’s actions on his fight against corruption, Arati stated: “We cannot let you wake up very early to vote for us and then use the back door to sell you products with elements such as mercury. If you all die, who will vote for us next time?

“We would rather eliminate individuals with the intention of killing us all,” the  MP exclaimed.

Additionally, Arati urged President Uhuru to crack the whip on individuals behind corruption in the country.

However, the MP did not give further details of the MP’s identity.

His sentiments, however, contradict Inspector General of Police Joseph Boinnet’s statement, where he noted that three Somalis were the suspects in the illegal trade.

The IG revealed that the three were already taken to court, where the prosecution asked for more time to finish the investigation.

Arati also called on the DCI to hasten their investigations to reveal the owners of companies in Eastleigh who were noted to have transported the sugar.

On Friday morning, Majority leader Aden Duale affirmed that the Islam community does not condone the illegal accumulation of wealth.


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