Controversy Emerges Over Bribery Envelope Given to MPs During Contraband Sugar Probe

Controversy Emerges Over Bribery Envelope Given to MPs During Contraband Sugar Probe

Two Members of Parliament (MPs) differed over their recollections of a bribery incident during the joint committee probe on imported contraband sugar.

The two, Didmus Barasa (Kimilili) and John Waluke (Sirisia), who had contradicted each other on the claim that Wajir Woman Representative Fatuma Gedi handed them an envelope with Ksh10,000.

MP Barasa claimed that when the Woman Rep handed over the envelope he was in the company of the Sirisia member.

“She came to me with an envelope and I asked her what was inside and she said Sh10,000 that I should take it and reject the sugar report.

Kimilili MP Didmus Baraza speaks to the press from Parliament buildings during a past briefing

“In fact, I was shocked as to why she would offer me money and she does not come from sugarcane growing areas and my conclusion was that she was protecting someone,” Barasa told the committee chaired by Speaker Justin Muturi.

He added that he and Waluke watched as the money was dished out to the members of the joint Trade and Agriculture Committee panel as they protested the act.

Waluke, however, strongly refuted Barasa’s narration stating that the Kimilili legislator only told him about the incident.

“To be sincere with this committee, Didmus told me that he was given Sh10,000 to reject the report and I asked if he took the money he said no.

“I went ahead and asked why and he told me it was too little that if it was Sh100,000 he would have taken but I was not with him when the person made the offer,” Waluke disputed.

Speaker Muturi’s team launched investigations into the bribery incident after MPs raised concerns with the report that was tabled at Parliament and rejected.

Speaker Justin Muturi chairs the Powers & Privileges Committee on September 19, 2018 as they probed 2 MPs on bribery claims


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