Coming Months and Years Will Be Tough As Economy Slumps, Save and Cut On Your Expenditure

Coming Months and Years Will Be Tough As Economy Slumps, Save and Cut On Your Expenditure

By Empraim Njega

The coming days will be increasingly difficult economically. As I have argued often in the past a widespread collapse of the economy is unlikely. It will be a slow and painful death.

The economy will be on life support for years. A strategy that will make it hard to organize and mobilise against the government.

When economy is on life support financial suffering is individuslised. You think your sad situation is unique and that it is probably your fault and not due to systemic economic failure.

Holding this assumption true, the best option is to protect yourself individually. The best strategy to do that is an austerity measure known as “back to basics”.

Cut all non essential spending e.g. move to a cheaper house, use public transport, cut entertainment budget, avoid conspicuous lifestyle like taking kids to expensive schools for show off and paying for TV you rarely watch etc. You adopt a cents and sense approach to spending.

Save as much as you can. Treat every shilling earned as if it is your last. In other words avoid forward/anticipatory spending. Things will get worse before they get better hence managing risks is critical.

By saving more and spending less you increase your chances of outliving an economic crisis. How many months can you survive if all your cash flow channels suddenly dry up? The more the better. It is never too late to start preparing for the tough times ahead.

People are suffering and even dying out of economic mismanagement occasioned by the Jubilee regime. The country is in an unofficial economic recession which will soon slide into a depression.

Those in power are still sucking the economy like ticks which continue sucking a cow long after it is dead.

The politicians have united across board to slow down a revolution by the people. However, the people will prevail in the end.


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