CNN’s News Anchor Richard Quest Praises Governor Sonko Beautification Program, Ranks Nairobi High

CNN’s News Anchor Richard Quest Praises Governor Sonko Beautification Program, Ranks Nairobi High

CNN’s world-renown TV Anchor *Richard Quest has praised Governor Mike Sonko’s Nairobi Beautification Programme* calling it evidence that *“Nairobi’s citizens take pride in their home.”*

In an article on CNN Global Website, Richard Quest who has visited most International Cities around the world to shoot his top-rated show “The Business Traveller” in which he captures the key areas of interest and recommend their ambience to international business travellers, said *he was impressed by “the flowerbeds and neatly trimmed trees” in Nairobi.*

*“As we reached the city centre, I was overtaken by the sense that Nairobi’s citizens take pride in their home. The flowerbeds and neatly trimmed trees, the new roads, the signs, the general respect for other road users. There is something both gentle and genteel about it,”* says the TV Anchor.

In addition, *Mr. Quest also noted the general cleanness of Nairobi as a city and its environment.* After visiting Karura forest and its neighbourhoods, the TV host was all praises saying *it was more than he expected in terms of cleanliness and ambience.*

*“It was safe, spotlessly clean, peaceful and completely beautiful. All this, just minutes away from the city centre. I have to admit, I wasn’t expecting this,”* he wrote in his diary of his first visit to Kenya. *The CNN Anchor concludes: “I’m more than impressed” with Nairobi.*

Clearly, this is *welcome relief coming from international media like CNN* which has before highlighted what ails Nairobi. *What better proof that Sonko’s efforts to fix Nairobi are paying off?* It reaffirms the City’s remarkable improvement in recent world rankings.

In March, the New York-based consultancy Mercer, *ranked Nairobi ahead of Kigali and Dar Salam in its 2018 quality of living survey* which is a sneak preview of a country’s level of development and the city’s ability to attract and retain investors, expatriates and tourists.

*In September, Nairobi was named as East Africa’s wealthiest city and among the wealthiest in Africa* alongside Durban, Cape Town, Cairo, Lagos and Johannesburg, in a report by New World Wealth and AfrAsia Bank from Mauritius.


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