CLEAVAGE Competition On Zack OPONDO Facebook Page Under Fire


Wakili JV O says>> My attention has been brought to the happenings in the form of challenges on the page of one Zack OPONDO in which women, majorly, have been made to among other things show off their dresses, breasts et al for paltry amounts ranging from 10,000 to 20,000.

While I am no morality police and wouldn’t want to appear as one, I must say that people like Zack OPONDO and his supporters are the part of the problem we have as a society and as the Luo Nation in particular. He is no different from the fake professor.

Why would women be made to compete in “cleavage-flaunting” for example? Have we sunk so low as a people? It is unacceptable!

An offence should be sought and legal action taken against him and the followers. Criminal charges for indecent exposure.

Jesus may not be able to handle this. God should return in person.

Piny omer!

Cmd Diks says>>>

As a father of a daughter I’m totally appalled by the open body prostitution I’ve woken up to here online. Happening at a time Luo Nyanza and the country as a whole is grappling with a new prevalence of HIV/AIDS infections, this objectification is utterly disgusting.

Practices that sexualize conditions of women only expose them to potential diseases. If a woman can lower herself to show off a part of her breasts on a public wall for financial gain, imagine if that challenge goes to the inbox?

Shame on all of you enjoying this bullshit. And shame on all those women who’ve participated, including that HIV/AIDS activist.

Her attempts to romanticize HIV and normalize it is a con job, and for that she’s nothing but a con woman! Let’s bring back some dignity on these spaces.

As for the founder of this campaign, there is no big difference between you and Obado. You are driving these women to Kodera Forest and you know it.


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