City Billionaire Expelled From Posh Muthaiga Club For Urinating Aimlessly


A city billionaire was expelled from a posh country club for urinating in public and hurling obscenities, contrary to laid down membership rules.

Stephen Mbugua Mwagiru, on whose family land the multibillion Tatu City sits in Ruiru, has twice sought readmission to the enviable Muthaiga Country Club in Nairobi for the last six years to no avail.

Mbugua has unsuccessfully fought the expulsion which happened in 2012 before the High Court and the Appeal in the latest ruling that was delivered on 25th May 2018.

According to court documents some of the allegations that saw him axed are that he uttered obscenities and urinated in pubic claiming toilets are located far away.

Mbugua in an affidavit stated that he had been member of Muthaiga Country club following admission in 2004 and paying entrance fee of Sh90, 825.

In his case, he claimed that the management met on October 31, 2012 without informing him, discussed about the issues captured in letter and resolved that he should be kicked out.

The following month, on November 22 and 29, he received two other letters; one requiring him to resign failure to which he would be expelled.

Being aggrieved he appealed the decision with the management and it ordered that he tenders an apology as an expression of remorse first and them explain himself later.

According to court documents on 26th April 2012 the plaintiff visited Pink restaurant at 12.00am and ordered for food, when he was informed that it had closed he hurled obscenities at an employee who lodged his complain vide his letter dated 25th April, 2012.

The employee stated that Mbugua urinated in the restaurant’s corridor claiming that the toilets were too far; that the plaintiff became heavily intoxicated tore chits from the Christmas box and proceeded to abuse staff with obscenities.

He then moved to the members bar and ordered that his bills be transferred there and upon being asked to verify his bills he refused and attempted to intimidate staff and hurling obscenities.

Mbugua is further said to have broken kitchen window; that the said incident was reported at Ruiru Police station as complaint no. OB21/18/02/2012.

Following these events the committee met on 31st October, 2012 where it was resolved to prohibit him from using the club and invited him to resign from the clubs membership.

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