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Chaos as SANY Begins Taj Mall Demolitions

Chaos as SANY Begins Taj Mall Demolitions

Chaos as SANY Begins Taj Mall Demolitions – kenyagist.com

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  • The demolition of the infamous Airgate Centre formerly known as Taj Mall in Embakasi by the authorities turned chaotic.

    This is after curious onlookers milled around the premises to witness as the now popular green National Youth Service (NYS) bulldozers bring it to the ground.

    Police who had cordoned off the area were forced to lob teargas to disperse the crowd that was pilling both along the Outering Road and the Eastern Bypass overpass.

    SANY arrived at the multi-million shillings mall at 6.30 am on Saturday with a heavy contingent of police officers deployed at the site.

    The pulling down of the building was ordered as it sat on public land that is being reclaimed for road expansion.

    In September, Taj Mall owner Ramesh Gorasia vowed not to vacate as ordered by the team in charge of demolitions of illegal buildings.

    “I’ll not leave or remove anything from the building. Why should I do that? If they want to demolish, let them come and do whatever they want to do,” Gorasia said.

    The mall reportedly valued at Ksh5.5 billion was officially opened on August 1, 2011, by the then Vice President Kalonzo Musyoka.

    According to government papers, the title for the land where the building stands were revoked in September 2015 by the National Land Commission after it established that the government had acquired it in 1960.

    The department of physical planning replanned a 60 metres wide Outering Road under PDP No13 of 1988 thus increasing the road corridor on Fedha Estate by about seven metres on either side after a survey was done in 1966.

    A plaque detailing the opening of Taj Mall

    On Kenya Urban Roads Authority enquiry, NLC in 2013 ruled that the building was on a road reserve needed in expanding the Outering Road into a dual carriageway.

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