Central Region Musicians Fail to Agree on Attending Uhuru’s Nyama Choma Meet

Central Region Musicians Fail to Agree on Attending Uhuru's Nyama Choma Meet

Musicians from the Central Region have failed to agree on the modalities of a meeting they were granted by President Uhuru Kenyatta at State House.

Sharp differences have emerged among the musicians who have failed to agree on who exactly was invited by the president.

Musician Kamande Wa Kioi argues that a few of his colleagues intend to meet President Kenyatta for their own selfish interest because the plan had been a closely guarded secret up until the Late Joseph Kamaru‘s funeral.

“As far as I am concerned, the meeting is not for the musicians because some of us have been kept in the dark about it.

Popular musician Kamande Wa Kioi

“In fact, I will not attend because there are no structures and I don’t want to be part of a shoddy and disorganised group,” he told the Daily Nation.

Veteran Kikuyu artiste Kariuki Wa Kiarutara went as far as asking that the meeting be cancelled since not all musicians would be involved.

Syk Junior accused Ben Githae and John De’Mathew of orchestrating a plan to lock out a majority of musicians who were at the funeral when the president extended the invitation.

“Ben Githae and John De’Mathew want to dictate to us on who will go and who will not go.

“But President was very clear; he invited all of us and not representatives and that is what we will do. We will converge at Kencom, Nairobi and go there as a group,” Syk explained.

In his defence, De’Mathew explained that the musicians were too many to fit at State House, therefore, they were devising ways to cut down the number of those who will attend.

“We can’t all fit at State House but there are plans to involve all the artistes before and after meeting,” he stated.

Kikuyu musician John De’Mathew with former Kiambu Governor William Kabogo




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