Businesses Uhuru Ran Into Bankruptcy – David Ndii Claims

Businesses Uhuru Ran Into Bankruptcy - David Ndii Claims

Economist David Ndii on Saturday claimed that prior to venturing to politics, President Uhuru Kenyatta ran two businesses into bankruptcy.

Speaking during a community dialogue forum dubbed Ukweli Mathare, Ndii faulted the Head of State over the huge debt accumulated drawing parallels with his previous records in the business.

Confessing that he and Uhuru were childhood friends, the economist described the president as a drunk.

“President Uhuru is my agemate. I have known him since we were boys, he is a drunk and he can’t even run a Kiosk.

“He used to run a horticulture business and a bar. They went bankrupt and that’s the same way he is bankrupting Kenya,” he disclosed.

Ndii who has been critical about the government’s borrowing observed that the country was still talking of the same problems 16 years after ousting president Moi.

“Kenya government borrowed money and mismanaged the money. Most of it was stolen, over one trillion (a billion dollars). More taxation is useless and won’t help the government, they should lower their expenditure,” he conveyed.

He further noted that the country was a violent, tribal and corrupt state.

“The elite use violence to suppress the masses, tribalism to ensure the poor never unite to fight the crooked elite, and corruption to bribe and get elected,” Ndii explained.

He further noted that the taxation system in Kenya was flawed as introduced not to provide services to the people but to force Kenyans to provide labour to colonial white farmers.

“Kenyans were forced to do oppressive work and pay tax. Askaris (police) were to guard the workers,” he added.



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