Breaking Miracles In Ukambani; Governor Ngilu Launches Textile Factory in Kitui, Thousands of Employment Opportunities


By Nelson O

Gov. Charity Kaluki Ngilu

“Today I proudly open doors to our Kitui County Textile Centre (KICOTEC). A first by a County government. Employment for our people, cost saving for our parents, growing the local economy, wealth creation. Endless possibilities. KICOTEC The Pride of Kitui.” Kambaland is blessed. This is Kitui.

Homa Bay County is one of the rich counties when it comes to Cotton farming, but you will never here any of misleaders talk about reviving such industries…Reason, they want their people to continue remaining poor and continuously ask for handouts from them. Again, most of the development funds end up in individual pockets and in servicing the godfathers in politics. #Enwach_Malit_Ahinya

Now the entire Nyanza region including Gusii land seem like Devolution is cursed, nothing really is happening there save for a few street lights within the town centers; the hospitals are dead, open markets are stalled, roads were done poorly and at inflated rates. The EACC officials in the region are blinded by bribes etc


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