BREAKING! MATIANGI Arrests His Brother KEBS Director CHARLES ONGWAE To Please Cartels


Interior Cabinet Secretary Fred Matiangi has ordered the arrest of KEBS managing Director Charles Ongwae for telling Kenyans the truth that there is no mercury in imported sugar.

It is believed that Matiangi is acting on orders by the Cartels who wanted to import sugar but did not get the chance. After cartels (some of whom are Members of Parliament) failed to extort bribes from millers who according to the law are licensed to import sugar to recover their deficit, they fabricated lies that the imported sugar has mercury, thus unsafe for human consumption.

As a result, they opted to use Matiangi to spread their dirty mercury gospel, claims that were strongly denied by KEBS managing Director Charles Ongwae who affirmed that the imported sugar was tested and confirmed to be fit for human consumption.

As usual, Matiangi’s ruthlessness has never allowed him to succumb to the truth. He warned Ongwae not to interfere but Ongwae stood firm. Consequently, he went ahead to arrest him for defying his outright lies.

Matiangi is a known loaded gun. He always acts on behalf of his masters who are usually made up of the Kikuyus. Matiangi is always ready to do whatever the cartels order him to do. As a result, he has arrested majority of members of his Kisii community. He has arrested a lot of Kisii bloggers just to please the corrupt Kikuyu cartels. Today Ongwae is his victim and he doesen’t seem to care despite that they come from the same village.

Kisiis across the streets of social mea have taken Matiangi head on and drenched him with waters of insults. What Matiangi is forgetting is that Kikuyus have no permanent friend. They use and dump you when they are done with you. He forgets that before him there was Saitoti and the rest. He forgets that the things he is doing, Kisiis are watching and one day he’ll need them when they kick him out.



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