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Boinnet’s Actions That May Defy President Uhuru’s Order


Boinnet’s Actions That May Defy President Uhuru’s Order – kenyagist.com

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  • The Inspector General of Police Joseph Boinett is at potential loggerheads with President Uhuru Kenyatta over the latter’s directive that matatus be allowed to be painted with graffiti.

    The traffic department has warned industry stakeholders about flouting the Michuki rules which will be introduced on Monday 12 November.

    The NTSA Act 2013, the Traffic Act Cap. 403, and Legal Notice 161 of 2003 commonly known as Michuki Rules states that public transport vehicles should only have one colour.

    Graffiti on a matatu in Nairobi

    However, in 2014, the president noted that the modification of matatus provides employment to very many young people and, therefore, lifted the ban.

    Kenyans will be waiting to see whether or not the clause banning graffiti will be implemented or not.

    When asked about it, Boinett stated that a lot of operators had taken advantage of Uhuru’s move in the wrong way.

    I celebrate our culture and I love art. But not one that celebrates gangsters or violence,” he explained.

    Boinett added that “Maybe we were a bit relaxed in the past but moving forward we have said enough is enough; if you are a PSV operator you better make sure that your vehicle is in the condition that the law prescribes.”

    The president had talked tough on the rampant accidents in the country but the relationship between road carnages and vehicle colours has yet to be established.

    Perhaps the biggest concern would be to instruct matatu owners to make sure that any decorations are meant to make the vehicles visible even in the dark.

    Traffic police monitoring a road in Kenya
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