Billionaire Manu Chandaria Has only FIVE SUITS! He Reveals Why

Billionaire Manu Chandaria Has only FIVE SUITS! He Reveals Why

Kenyan billionaire Manu Chandaria is estimated to be worth a whopping Sh200 billion.

With an entire multi-billion empire attached to his name, a no mean fete coveted by many, Mr Chandaria only owns five suits.

While many with financial muscles often vaunt jaw droping wardrobe, Manu has kept it simple.

The owner of Chandaria Industries Limited describes himself as a simple man who does not engage in luxurious activities.

“My life is simple, I do not eat meat, chicken. The point is how do you keep simple?” he noted.
Speaking during an interview on Jeff Koinange Live (JKL) on Wednesday night, Mr Chandaria said that he only owns five suits, three jackets and five pairs of shoes.

The 90-year-old has made it a habit to donates his suit each time he purchases a new one to keenly make sure that he is only left with five.

“My wardrobe has five suits. One new comes in, one goes out. I give it out. It’s a lesson about
giving. I learnt it from Gandhi. I followed Gandhi when I was in the University. I accepted everything he told us. He led a very simple life,” he said.

Chandaria, a well-known philanthropist, emulates Indian activist Mahatma Gandhi, who believed that it was better for men to seek simpler pleasure than greater wealth.

The businessman also learnt to be generous from Roman Catholic nun Mother Teresa who he revealed was a frequent guest at their home.

“Mother Teresa was a friend of ours. She came to our house four times. She taught us a lot about prayer,” he said. “Giving is simple when you want to give. It’s easy to give when you feel the pain of others” he added.

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