“Biggest Threat To Kenya Is Not Corruption BUT A Visionless Incompetent Leadership”- DP Ruto Tells Mt Kenya Mafia



*Mark Masai*: Do you support the War on graft?

*William Ruto*: 100%, I support the war on graft. The executive has done its best to equip the Independent Bodies mandated to deal with graft.

‘’The worst threat Kenya is facing is not corruption BUT a visionless and incompetent leader’’-DP Ruto tells Kenyans

*Mark Masai*: Why haven’t we seen convictions of the big fish like you in court?

*William Ruto*: You know, Mark, It is not our duty as the executive to convict people and deliver judgements. It is not my duty or the duty of the President to deliver judgements. What we do is assist the independent bodies that includes DPP, DCI, EACC and office of AG to discharge its duties and we’ve done that. So honestly I would be lying to you if I tell you why we haven’t seen convictions.

*Mark Masai*: So then, are you saying, that those bodies aren’t doing their work?

*William Ruto*: Mark, we are in a country governed by the rule of law, Like I said, for our part (Executive), we’ve done our best. DPP, DCI and other bodies must do their best. I am confident in them, it might take time but I know, finally, in the end, the rule of law will catch up with those who pilfer public resources.

*Mark Masai*: Do you support a lifestyle Audit? How much is William Ruto worth?

*William Ruto*: Mark, If you can recall, I was among the first people to welcome the President’s directive and said that I would be among the first to submit myself into the process. As for what I am worth, that is a discussion we can have another day. I have seen you’ve (Media) done an audit about me already. I expected you to go ahead and do audits of other leaders but it seems you were only interested in William Ruto.

*Mark Masai*: Can we have that discussion here?

*William Ruto*: No. Can you tell me what you are worth? Is it relevant here? You see, you have to wait and when the process starts, I will be happy because the audit will clear the rumours that the media is carrying, including claims that I own this house behind us here (Karen house),

*Mark Masai:* Are you saying you are poor?

*William Ruto*: I am not poor.

*Mark Masai*: Are you wealthy

*William Ruto:* I am not poor, you know why are you focused on William Ruto? I am not the richest man out there like those people we all know about. Last Friday, I was in Kakamega and a man spoke in Swahili and he said, “Mtoto wa maskini akipata, ameiba na mtoto wa tayiri akipata ni ya baba yake” and I found it so profound.

*Mark Masai*: Tell us what happens, If William Ruto is not elected the President in 2022

*William Ruto*: Mark, If my career was to end as the Deputy President (first) of Kenya, I would thank God for this far. I have come from very very far. From where I was to where I am, It is by the grace of God. Out of 45M Kenyans, there are qualified Kenyans who could have been Deputy Presidents and to be one, I really thank God.

I am not entitled to any leadership position and that would be the greatest fallacy to imagine that William Ruto must be the President.

*Mark Masai*: You and Gideon Moi, what’s your relationship?

*William Ruto*: Gideon Moi relates to me like other Senators do. We have around 30 Jubilee Senators and that is the basis of our engagement.

*Mark Masai*: Face this camera here and tell Kenyans that you’ve never been engaged in corruption in the past and now

*William Ruto*: My Friends, I, William Ruto has never been engaged in any corrupt activities before when I served as Member of Parliament, now as the Deputy President and would never do that in future.

*Excerpts from Dps Interview*

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