Barons Smuggling Poisonous Sugar are Big Shots Within Parliament- Alfred Keter Reveals


Nandi Hills MP Alfred Keter has said the kingpins behind the contraband sugar are within parliament.

Keter in an interview on NTV said that the cartels who hold powerful positions within parliament are the control masters on how the sugar get in the country.

He said the unnamed individuals determine how the sugar will be stored and repackaged before it gets to the markets.

Keter further alleged that the cartels are colluding with treasury to control how money is allocated and where certain money is taken to.

“I want Kenyans to know that this cartel is a complicated network. They are controlling this illegal trades from within parliament and every time one tries to blow the whistle they fight back,” Keter said adding that “You can already see they have started fighting the president by trying to bring a list with companies that must be probed because they want to force the sugar syndicate around the president to implicate him”.

Keter revealed that the country is losing over Sh400 billion to illegal trade and that those looting public money are not investing in the country but in foreign countries.

“A time has come when Kenyans should take me more seriously. I blew the whistle for NYS looting, maize and fertiliser importation and I was punished and dewhipped from the committee and branded a traitor but I vowed to soldier on,” he said.

“Right now the cartels who run the sugar industry are the ones making noise. They are the same individuals who have collapsed the textile industry, they fight for tenders and contracts with exaggerated prices. What is even disheartening is they are investing in countries like Dubai, South Africa and Botswana,” Keter added.

The vocal MP further claimed that tribalism and negative ethnicity is the major driver for the massive corruption and looting witnessed in the country.

Keter said churches have allowed politicians to dish out millions of money for the sake of harambees without questioning where such large amounts of money come from.

“It is such an irony that as we stamp the feet to end this animal, churches have embraced it. Some politicians have been seen roaming across the country dishing out millions of money every Sunday. Even philanthropists in the likes of Manu Chandaria cannot afford Sh30 million every week,” he said.

He added, “These churches must be reminded that this is dirty and blood money that is hurting our economy”.

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