Assailants Paid 50K to Kill Students – Aukot Reveals

Assailants Paid 50K to Kill Students - Aukot Reveals

Thirdway Alliance Kenya party leader Ekuru Aukot has alleged that assailants in student killings are paid Ksh50,000 to carry out the heinous acts.

In a series of tweets sent out after a visit to Samburu County, Aukot and his party Secretary General Frederick Okango highlighted how the insecurity issue is fueled by local leaders including MPs.

“To kill a student, they are paid Ksh50,000 and Ksh100,000 to kill an elite member of the community,” he noted of retaliatory killings witnessed whenever cattle rustling leads to deaths.

Ekuru Aukot during the Samburu tour

“We sadly established that the hatemongers predominantly from one community especially the area MP who has persistently since 2012 threatened to expel members of another community from Samburu,” Aukot pointed fingers.

During his tour and public hearings in the County, Aukot also accused the local administration of discrimination in several areas including the issuance of title deeds and Identification Cards (IDs).

Senior security officers are influenced to discriminate between communities by area MP, County Commander and County Commissioner and they even destroy water sources of one of the communities,” he claimed.

In Baragoi Sub-County where 42 police officers were killed during the 2012 Baragoi massacre, Aukot alleged that there has been peculiar deregistration and closure of schools including Naturkan, Kawap, Sharda and Natir.

Concerning the recovery of stolen cattle in the region, Aukot reported that security forces are claimed to invade villages and take away cattle from the innocent.

“The act of security forces is cowardly and doesn’t inspire protection of the innocent from the state,” he added.

Members of public attend the meetings in Samburu

His revelation came less than 48 hours after Inspector General of Police Joseph Boinnet promised to apprehend MPs over fanning tribal hate and animosity in volatile-security areas.


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