Ask Rift Valley MPs and Elders To Stop Harassing Uhuru- DP Ruto Warned

Ask Rift Valley MPs and Elders To Stop Harassing Uhuru- DP Ruto Warned

Deputy President William Ruto should ask his troops to back down and stop harassing President Uhuru Kenyatta.

This was said by former Kakamega Senator Bonnie Khalwale who said Ruto should call Rift valley MPs and its elders to order.

“On a matter like this, Ruto should prevail upon his elders however difficult it is. Let them leave it to Ruto to sort it out with Uhuru… because he has access to Uhuru,” he said.

“Ruto should be able to face Uhuru and tell him that you know where we are, you should throw in a good statement so people are not confused by the rumours and narrative that there is a split in Jubilee.”

But Khalwale noted that if the President is dragged into the politics of 2022, he will risk losing out on the execution of Big 4 agenda before the end of his legacy.

“It will be a foolish thing for Uhuru to declare that he will support Ruto. As Ruto is sitting pretty, the President should encourage a situation where we leave things as they are,” he said.

“If we don’t leave it there, the loser is going to be the President and the winner the deputy. The President will lose on big four agenda and will not have a legacy to live on.”

He added that Rift Valley MPs should use ‘tactics’ rather than ‘cause friction’, Khalwale said the split is bound to become even louder.

“The split will become louder because the political space is being occupied by Jubilee alone… when we mismanaged Nasa and my humble understanding is that it has collapsed irredeemably, we have left the space to Jubilee,” he said.

“It is what happens in Jubilee that will dictate the future of Kenya.”

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