ALL Kenyans Of Goodwill To Assemble Outside Parliament On Thursday To Push For Rejection Of Uhuru 8% VAT On Fuel

PUBLIC NOTICE: ALL Kenyans Of Goodwill To Assemble Outside Parliament On Thursday To Push For Rejection Of Uhuru 8% VAT On Fuel


All Kenyans are urged to turn up in large numbers on Thursday August 20th outside Parliament. Our MP’s are on the verge of making a critical decision that permanently affects the future of all Kenyans. We therefore wish to send a clear message ” NO TO VAT ON FUEL.” Our members of parliament must vote with their conscience alongside the wishes of majority of Kenyans and not the wishes of the status quo.

All MP’s MUST avail themselves as we need a two thirds majority to send the bill back to the President as was drafted initially by parliament with a recommendation to scrap the VAT in totality We the people call upon H. E Raila Odinga to stop playing ping pong with the lives of ordinary Kenyans by supporting President Uhuru Kenyatta’s proposal.

It is now crystal clear that the big four agenda refers to the big four principles Uhuru, Raila, Kalonzo and Ruto who share similar ideologies as far as taxation is concerned contrary to the will of the ordinary citizen. Today has been the saddest day for social justice. We shall not relent but are encouraged to know that we still have hope that real change will come one day through the power of the people.

A people united with purpose can never be defeated.

Bob Njagi.

Wakoli Wafula adds>>>

“The VAT debate.
The government’s attempt to overtax, or to milk Kenyans dry of their hard earned money is ill intentioned, advised and erratic.

The VAT imposed by government means that all economic systems, ventures and enterprise will be affected drastically, all spheres of development won’t be left out, in essence,the cost of living will skyrocket,making life unbearable for Kenyans.

A society that can’t afford basic needs is a society on a street of destruction and anarchy.
The Government must find alternative ways of mobilising revenue but not petrol or fuels.
As Kenyans we are tired or this state robbing of Kenyans.

I request all stake holders and leaders in parliament to ensure this taxes are scrapped or removed from our backs.”


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