All Details of Monica Kimani’s DNA Results

All Details of Monica Kimani's DNA Results

Findings by detectives on the ongoing investigations of slain Kilimani businesswoman Monica Kimani have been released.

According to the Standard, DNA tests and finger prints have placed Joe Irungu aka Jowie, at the murder scene of Monica.

DNA tests on the semen found on Monica and other samples found under her nails, gave a 99.9 percent match to Irungu.

Joseph Irungu during his court hearing

Other samples taken which included blood stained fingerprints matched to those collected by the police from Irungu with the match being 99 percent accurate.

Similar findings from samples taken from the adhesive tape that covered Monica’s mouth, rope used to tie her hands and the bath tub, matched Irungu’s finger prints.

Police further revealed that the fingerprints lifted from the businesswoman’s body were those of Jacque Maribe’s fiancé.

“We are now working on witnesses,” stated a senior police officer from the Directorate of Criminal Investigations(DCI) department.

Dominic Kamau is being sought by police officers for questioning as to why his Identification Card(ID) was used by Irungu to gain access to the 29 year-old’s apartment.

DNA results from other suspects who are Jacque Maribe and Brian Kasaine are yet to be released to establish if they were involved in the murder.

Police officers have pointed out that they have planned to take the probe into Juba, South Sudan to gain more information about the deceased.

Jacque Maribe after recording her statement with the police

On Thursday, a Taxify driver who dropped Monica at her apartment on September 19 was interrogated by police officers together with other witnesses who claimed to have seen Irungu on the day Monica was murdered.


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