Ahmednasir Urges CJ Maraga to Defend the Constitution When Handling NYS Cases


Senior Counsel Ahmednasir Abdullahi on Saturday faulted Chief Justice David Maraga over the mishaps in the handling of the National Youth Service (NYS) scandal cases. 

According to the lawyer, CJ Maraga failed when he decided to “just take executive orders” when denying the 54 NYS suspects bail instead of following the constitution. 

Captioning a press release by Chief Justice of Uganda, Justice Bart Katureebe, who refused to follow an order given by President Yoweri Museveni directing that ‘suspected killers’ should be denied bail, Ahmednasir stated: “This is what CJ Maraga and the Judiciary Service Commission  (JSC) should have done.”


Additionally, the Senior Counsel exclaimed: “The 2nd biggest loser (in Uhuru’s fight against corruption) is the judiciary. Judicial independence & forceful enforcement of the constitution under CJ Willy has been replaced by a timid judiciary that loves to play second fiddle to the executive. Bail is denied to suspects due to executive edict enforced by the judiciary.”

Justice Katureebe in the statement had declared: “The courts shall continue to be guided by the constitution and the law relating to bail.

“It is simple, the issue of bail is governed by the constitution and the law. Until the law is amended, bail will be granted or denied in accordance with the constitution and the law,” the Ugandan CJ mentioned.

In a long thread of tweets, Ahnednasir affirmed that in President Uhuru Kenyatta’s new scheme to fight corruption there will be winners and losers, both of whom according to him are obvious.

“The Intelligence, CID and DPP are the winners. The biggest loser is the Ethics and Anti-corruption commission. With a Bishop as the head, Uhuru wants the Commission to concentrate on spiritual matters,” he commented.

However, the advocate wondered why amid all corruption cases and scandals that have erupted in the country, the Law Society of Kenya (LSK) has not muttered anything.

“As the executive and judiciary team up to stop and roll back the enforcement of the constitution and the bill of right, by beloved LSK sees no evil…hear no evil and puts on blinkers…what happened to LSK?” Ahmednasir questioned.


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