After Uhuru appoints Kalonzo as special peace envoy, What next for Musalia? Must up


By Onyango Oj
Uhuru having appointed Kalonzo as his special envoy, Musalia Mudavadi must wake up from his Jonah-like slumber and raise his game above the horrifying blunt methodology he is known for.

Musalia is tactless. Musalia is witless. Musalia is unrepentantly dull like a zombie.

Where exactly are Amani offices, where do they meet, where are their party activations and apart from Musalia, are there other members & where do they hold their ADC or better still submit their annual audited accounts?

Musalia operates Amani like a Jua Kali outfit, like a Rongai tout recklessly operates a bus: no formula, no structures, no policy, no media/PR arm, no nothing….Just Musalia and Mudavadi.

Many shallow intellects in their puerile mission hurriedly juxtapose Musalia’s dull-wit approach to Kibaki. Unbeknown to them; DP was one of the most hyperactive parties between 1992 and 2007. DP had a robust youth league, women league, politburo and donors. Unlike Musalia’s party which operates like a dormant village shop in the sleep economically-depraved Gambogi township….

Where does Amani recruit its members? were do they hold their rallies? where can someone visit to learn about ANC? Musalia lacks mental creativity, organizational craftsmanship, stamina and ‘special’ skills to stage a political wave let alone present himself as an alternative voice…

Musalia must wake up from his half-dead state of incuriosity…So far the biggest undoing of MUSALIA is MUDAVADI.

But maybe am wrong, a songbird is telling me: that it’s the gods who chase the flies for tailless cows.


The Jubilee /ODM regime has driven the country towards high levels of indebtedness. As a result , the fiscal space to finance government agenda is tight.

To ensure macro economic and financial stability while financing development, a Musalia Mudavadi government will;

a. Plug and seal the loopholes of corruption in the plunder, looting and waste of public resources
b. Rely on concessional foreign financing (not foreign loans)
c. Rely more on public private partnership
d. Facilitate development of new instruments such as bonds targeting institutional investors such as pension funds and insurance
f. Broaden the tax base and enhance efficiency in revenue collection at national and county government levels (not increasing tax rates)
g. Enable rapid economic expansion through investor friendly incentives.


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