Africans are Lazy, Stupid and as Kenyans we are Truly in a Shit Hole Country


I have seen two explanations that prove and disprove if Mercury is present in the sugar you are presently consuming.

I scored and an A in Chemistry and on a good day I would have done my own research and told you. But I am busy.

Both explanations make sound sense but can be eloquent and arrant nonsense.


What is the motive of adding Mercury to sugar?
Has the government done her own independent audit and lab tests? Why do we have the University of Nairobi, JKUAT and Egerton?
Collectively these three universities have so many departments that give us results within 5 minutes.

How much will it cost a media house to hire a private investigator to tell us the truth?

I know these elements do exist in varying quantities in our foods. Fish has been singled out has the most poisonous substance you can eat as it is laced with so much Mercury. Mercury is extremely harmful to our bodies.

I don’t know what inspires the stupid barons. Greed for sure. But what will they gain if they obtained all the billions but ended up killing all of us.

Africa is an immensely rich continent that can be self-reliant and self-sustaining. It is embarrassing to even think that soon, we will start consuming GMO, despite having half of the world’s most arable land.

I have lived abroad and visited a few countries and the food over there is crappy. I once bought some GMO sweet potatoes in New York(they were cheap,organic ones would have cost me my heart and soul). When I cooked them, they tasted like bad pumpkins that someone poured sugar over. I hated the culinary experience and I dread the foods any time I visit the developed countries.

Back here if I want to eat some nice goat, you head to Mogotio or Makueni and get a goat that has eaten some good leaves that make it’s steak juicy and delectable. In the village, when we want to eat a goat, there are certain leaves that we feed it with. That Yellow flowers and its bile and matumbo with a good measure of pepper is one of the miracle foods in the world. People in America don’t have this privelege.

The rich and most educated people in Africa are so stupid and unpatriotic so good at biting the hand that feeds them.

We have killed sugar farming. I’m not sure if Farmers in Kitale will ever bother with maize farming. My uncle who grows wheat in large scale has been crying how shitty the market is.

What he doesn’t know cartels import wheat from Eastern Europe. Rice Farmers too are not happy. We have killed coffee farming and in Kiambu we are now building modern cities for the rich that ordinarily should be built in drier part that we rehabilitate.

We must accept that as Africans, we are stupid, lazy and operate without brains. This admission will help us to heal and start making the continent better for our progeny.

If the best brains in the country only think of importing even the basics, care less about our economy, steal and go invest out of Africa, we are truly a shit hole continent.

By Silas Nyanchwani

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