A Devil Spotted In Governor Obado’s Home County; Locals Chased Woman Living With Two Husbands under One Roof

A Devil Spotted In Governor Obado’s Home County; Locals Chased Woman Living With Two Husbands under One Roof

By Onyango Ochieng Jnr

The devil has paid Migori a visit. How would you explain what happened at Chamgiwadu where a married woman, living with her husband, traveled to Kisumu, married another man then brought him home and insisted they must live together.

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Ordinarily, the running mate being FRESH, would sleep with her as the husband sleeps on the chair. The next day, the husband would sleep with her on bed, as the running mate sleeps on the chair. The woman is a mother of two. If locals didn’t bay for the blood of the running mate 2 days ago, he would still be there taking turns in the eating of the black forested cake. Waaah…. I am glad I was born from Nyakach, in kisumu county; home of men who have the courage to jog into hell and slap Satan then come back and talk about it.

I can’t accept such crap…..I can’t sleep on the chair and watch another man sleep with my woman in my own house, on my own bed as I wait for my turn the next day…..I can’t even imagine such a thing happening in my wildest imagination…. Awuoro men of today.

Why the government arrested the lucky woman is what I don’t understand, but the shock that it is happening or it happened was real on the chief, i can almost feel his confusion his age notwithstanding.

Well, according to the area chief David Onyango, the woman had been living with the two men under one roof for the past two weeks before the villagers raised concern demanding for action from local leaders.

The polyandrous marriage began when Maurine Atieno, who has been married to Robert Ochieng with whom they have sired two children, returned home with her newfound partner John Ochola and decided to stay with him together with the first husband.

The woman sells fish in Kisumu, where she met with Ochola, who is said to have been one of her loyal customers. Ochieng, the first husband, is a farmer in Migori.

The area chief said they are yet to establish how an agreement was reached for the two men to live with one woman in one house.


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