A Cleaner At County Assembly Infects MCAs With Deadly Gonorrhea


A a female subordinate staff (cleaner) at County Assembly Infects MCAs with STD and Locals are Happy

An endowed yellow yellow sweeper at a County assembly has infected a number of MCAs with a sexually transmitted infection suspected to be deadly Gonorrhea.

The woman who cleans at the assembly offices, is said to be the reason the MCAs have been experiencing pain when visiting the urinal, others also were experiencing difficult with walking due to swollen testicles and pus-like discharge from the tip of the penis.

As the local saying goes; Men With Money Will Never Shut Up, so the MCAs majority who are of middle age exchanged notes after suspecting they were eating from the same plate.

The MCAs have all been so friendly to the cleaner prompting their female counterpart to nick name the ‘Chief Clerk’ a term used in the assembly for the big boss.

Most of the MCAs have since traveled to Nairobi to seek medication. The woman was recently moved to another department after some of the affected ward representatives raised the alarm complaining that, ”Atatumaliza kwa county.”

One of the affected MCAs was accompanied by the beautiful sweeper to a private dispensary for treatment.

The MCAs have however not received any sympathy from locals many who celebrated the news saying the MCAs were worse than boda boda guys when it came to matters ‘chasing skirts’, they use their power and resources in the county to get laid by desperate ladies in need of handouts of promise of jobs in the county government.

“It serves them right. Most of them are married yet they behave like hyenas,” one local said adding that the sweeper was doing a good job by ‘punishing’ the shameless legislators.

Below are the symptoms of the disease, just incase you came across the cleaner or any of her networks;

Signs and symptoms of gonorrhea infection in men include:

Painful urination
Pus-like discharge from the tip of the penis
Pain or swelling in one testicle

Signs and symptoms of gonorrhea infection in women include:

Increased vaginal discharge
Painful urination
Vaginal bleeding between periods, such as after vaginal intercourse
Painful intercourse
Abdominal or pelvic pain


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