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72 year-old Driver was Hired 2 Days Before the Crash as Temporary Driver

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72 year-old Driver was Hired 2 Days Before the Crash as Temporary Driver – kenyagist.com

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  • Driver of the ill-fated bus that crashed at Fort Ternan had been employed two days before the accident as a temporary driver.

    According to Standard, who spoke to a driver named Francis Mwangi working with the Eldoret Bus, explained that Lucas Abdala was not supposed to be behind the wheel on the day of the crash.

    “Hiyo gari haikuwa na lining. Ilikuwa imekwisha kabisa (the vehicle did not have brake linings, they were completely worn out),” stated Mwangi

    He further revealed that Abdala had been brought in as a temporary driver after the designated driver of the bus had refused to make the trip.

    “Dereva alikataa hawezi endesha hiyo basi hadi ibadilishiwe lining. Ndio huyu dereva mwingine akaletwa kama mtu wa squadi (the driver declined to drive the bus until the brake linings were changed so they decided to bring on a temporary driver).” remarked the Eldoret bus driver.

    The Eldoret bu driver highlighted Abdala as a very careful driver for the 15 years he knew him and had never seen him use any drugs.

    Abdala’s relatives revealed that Abdala had previously worked for Matunda Bus Company and resigned three days before getting a job with the Western Cross Express.

    They further expounded that he had been a driver for nearly 50 years and his record on the road stood out as he had never been involved in an accident.


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