5 Quick Ways To Cut The Cost Of Shopping In Nairobi

5 Quick Ways To Cut The Cost Of Shopping In Nairobi

Living in Nairobi can prove expensive, but with these insights and a good shopping plan, one could maneuver a way around it.

1. For the middle-class, travel is considerably a huge fad. Travelling is very expensive especially during peak hours, so take advantage of cheaper off-peak hours to travel when running errands.

Using city commuter train and cycling will also cut your cost of transport

A trader in Marikiti Market

2. Cereals, vegetables, and fruits which are the mainstay of most households can be bought from Nyamakima, Marikiti, and Gikomba in downtown Nairobi, at very affordable prices.

For instance, groundnuts usually retail at Ksh190 per kilo, but at Nyamakima they go for Ksh110.

3. Eastleigh and River Road are proving as very opportune places for those who want a good bargain on clothes and fabric and quality as well.

These places have a variety of designs which is good for those seeking options at a good discount.

4. The Somali and Asian shops in the Kamukunji area sell household apparatus for good prices. However, be vigilant in case you meet errant traders who deal with fakes.

Most of the shops are known to stock a variety of brands for your choosing.

5. Along the busy Mfangano Street, you can find very nice and comfortable shoes in abundance. With as little as Sh1,000 one can walk away with a pair or two.

Electronics shop in Nairobi


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