26 Year Old Kakamega man Dies in Lodging after Night with Two Women

26 Year Old Kakamega man Dies in Lodging after Night with Two Women

A 26-year-old man was on Tuesday morning found dead at a night club in Kakamega town.

The man is said to have arrived at Rhumba Night Club on Sunday in company of two women and later booked a room at the same club.

The management said they became suspicious the following day when the victim’s room was still locked from inside by 10.30am.

They said all their clients normally vacate the rooms by 10am to pave way for cleaning.

“The cleaners knocked on the door but there was no response and they alerted the management. We informed the police and upon arrival, they broke the door in a bid to access entry into the room and found him dead,” said Mr Luvembe, a manager said.

He said they found the man, who had vomited on himself, lying facing downwards. Some used syringes and blood stained bandages were also found in the room.

“We don’t know the man but the two ladies who were with him are regular visitors at the club,” said Luvembe.

Kakamega Central police boss, Joseph Chebii, said one of the women who was in the company of the deceased has been arrested while the other is still at large. Mr Chebii said the suspect is under probe in a bid to get vital information that might have led to the death of the 26-year-old man.

“In the room where the young man was found dead, we recovered a white container with some white substance which we have taken to the Government chemist for tests to ascertain its contents,” said the OCPD.

It is still not clear how the two women got out of the room leaving the man alone with the door locked from the inside.

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