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2 Lamu CECs Fired After Being Reinstated

2 Lamu CECs Fired After Being Reinstated

2 Lamu CECs Fired After Being Reinstated – kenyagist.com

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  • Two cabinet members have been fired days after the being reinstated by Lamu Governor Fahim Twaha.

    County Executive Committee members (CECs) Raphael Munyua Ndung’u (Health Services and Environment) and Florence Wairimu Ndung’u (Agriculture and Water Development) were reinstated on Thursday last week only to be fired again later.

    Twaha had fired the two in April and immediately replaced them.

    Lamu County Assembly

    They were hired back following judgment by the labour court in Mombasa in a case filed against the Lamu County government.

    Judge Linnet Ndolo remarked that the governor made the decision to dismiss the petitioners in the case without any known reasons.

    On Thursday, Lamu County Assembly Speaker Abdu Kassim Ahmed read a communication from the chair that Mr Twaha had reinstated the two CECs.

    They, however, did not get a chance to go back to their offices since Twaha fired them afresh shortly after the announcement to reinstate them was made.

    “People should know that the court had argued that the earlier dismissal of the two didn’t follow the right procedure.

    “So the governor had to obey the court order and reinstated them last week before firing them afresh by following the right procedure,” a source privy to the matter told Nation.

    “It’s very true. Our happiness after the governor reinstated us on Thursday was very short-lived. As we speak, we have already been dismissed again,” Munyua mentioned.

    Lamu Governor Fahim Twaha
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